Welcome to the South Dublin County Website! After months of planning and development, we are delighted to announce the launch of the SDC website, which offers a comprehensive breakdown of the potential benefits of doing business in South Dublin County.

South Dublin County encompasses constituencies in the suburbs of Dublin. The County has seen significant development in the past two decades. With over 280,000 inhabitants, and 185,000 of working age, the County is diverse in the opportunities it offers to business. South Dublin County has huge potential in terms of location, access to services, markets and workforce, a quality environment in which to work and live, and a proven track record in securing, supporting, and developing business in South Dublin County.

On our website, we cover the key economic sectors in Ireland, infrastructure, quality of the workforce, and various potential business locations within South Dublin County.

If you’re interested in setting up business operations within South Dublin County, please email us at info@southdublinbusinesslocation.com or call us on +353 1 462 2107. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

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