Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien has announced that €186.32 million has been awarded to South Dublin County Council to fund regeneration projects in Clonburris and Adamstown. This announcement represents a great show of support in delivering 9,000 new homes and new facilities in communities in West Dublin as well as the surrounding areas. At Clonburris this infrastructure will unlock 8,700 new homes, which will include a mix of new affordable, social, and private housing.

South Dublin County Council will lead the delivery of 2,500 of these new homes on land under their management. Construction at Adamstown has already begun and roughly 2,600 homes have already been built, with planning permission is already in place for a further 2,000. This infrastructure will unlock the delivery of much needed new affordable, social and private homes over the next 10 years. These projects in Clonburris and Adamstown will act as a regional economic driver. They are set to provide support for employment, job creation and financial investment in west Dublin.

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